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Become the link between patients and new medical technology!

Do you want to help people live their healthiest live and work with the cutting edge of technology? Learn more about our Bachelors Physiotherapy & Technology during our next Open Day 2022!

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Become the physiotherapist of the future!

Join the Online Open Day 2022! Become a physiotherapist with engineering skills. During our Online Open Day we will start with a general introduction of our school and facilities, after which we will dive deeper into the program of your choice. We'll show you the way our programs are designed, what practical and scientific skills you will acquire, and what your job opportunities are. Of course we will also give you all the information you need to know about studying in the Netherlands! 

When: To be announced  (CET Amsterdam)

Where: Online 

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Career perspective 

After successfully completing this bachelor's degree in Physiotherapy & Technology, you will be a physiotherapist with a keen eye for technology.

"This study is interesting for those who like technology as well as health. You can combine both your work as a physio with all kind of technical developments, measurements and tools and even invent yourself!" 

There is a lot of demand from the industry for people who can form the link between patients and technology. You can answer complex health problems using physiotherapeutic prevention strategies, clinical reasoning, advanced diagnostics and treatment plans. And they are also able to incorporate technological innovation within their answers.

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Our students are a vital part of multidisciplinary teams, on equal terms with general practitioners and specialists, and they can think both ways with regards to technology and functional health in rehabilitation in primary care or prevention. Skills that are thus far unmatched in the medical field, and create new job opportunities as health care professionals of the future.

As a graduate of this program you can work in:

  • Physiotherapy clinics;
  • Musculoskeletal clinics;
  • Rehabilition centers;
  • Hospitals;
  • Medical technology companies (e.g, Philips, Johnson & Johnson);
  • Your own physiotherapy practice;
  • Your own medical technology start-up with your own ideas!

Studying in the Netherlands

Are you thinking about studying abroad? The Netherlands could be a good fit for you!

From the colorful flowerfields to the gritty streets of Amsterdam, the Netherlands is a diverse country with a lot to offer. It boosts a great number of historical cities and cultural activities, as well as amazing beaches and forests that can be enjoyed in both summer and winter. The Netherlands can truly offer you whatever you might be looking for in your new place of study. See what Amersfoort and SOMT University of Physiotherapy can offer you!

Housing near SOMT in Amersfoort

SOMT University of Physiotherapy is located near the railway station Amersfoort Schothorst, one of the three stations within Amersfoort. It is located in a modern neighbourhood with office buildings and houses. In close range to the University, SOMT together with its Partner M7 and the local government are planning to build (inter) national student & staff housing. So we can guarantee a house for you! Each apartment will consist of a living room and bedroom and bathroom.

EU Charter

SOMT University of Physiotherapy is a European Chartered Higher Education Institute. New modules being developed for the Bachelor of Physiotherapy & Technology are sponsored by the European Union within the Erasmus+: Knowledge Alliance.

Apprenticeships both in physiotherapy clinical centers as in companies depending on Physiotherapy & Technology, also possible in your own country of residence, so national as well as international. 

As a ECHE Institute, students are able to receive the Erasmus+ Grant. Erasmus+ students receive an allowance to cover the additional travel and living expenses of your study abroad. For more information on the ECHE principles, please click here.