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Sign up for the latest symposium: Women Power!

13 maart 2022
Sign up for the latest symposium: Women Power!

On March 24th 2022, Prof. Annelies Pool-Goudzwaard will be inaugurated at the Faculty of Behavioral and Movement Sciences at the VU University, Amsterdam. To celebrate this event, SOMT is proud to organize a symposium before the inauguration!


Morning symposium: ‘Women Power’  

How the female body and mind adapts and changes to potential risks during pregnancy, partus, long-term post-partum and during aging, with the help of a women’s health care physiotherapist.


The strength of the female body and mind is relentless, especially during challenging periods as pregnancy, the partus, post-partum and during aging. Women’s health care physiotherapists experience this on a day to day basis, offering help and support to those women who need some advice or extra help. Advice and help for specific female related problems can focus either on prevention as well as care e.g. for pregnancy related- pelvic girdle pain, urinary-, fecal or double incontinence, obstetric fistula’s and pelvic organ prolapse.

Symposium content

The presented  ‘morning’ symposium will focus on the last insights and knowledge from science, regarding pregnancy related- pelvic girdle pain, urinary-, fecal or double incontinence, obstetric fistula’s and pelvic organ prolapse. National and international clinicians and scientists will share their knowledge and expertise, strengthening the women’s health care physiotherapists in their clinical reasoning.

The symposium will be concluded with an official diploma ceremony for the graduated MSc. Pelvic health physical therapists from Switzerland.

After the lunch you are cordially invited to join the open inaugural lecture of Prof. Annelies Pool-Goudzwaard at the VU University in Amsterdam.


Prof. Annelies Pool-Goudzwaard

Annelies Pool graduated as a physiotherapist, manual therapist and health psychologist and currently works as a professor at the Faculty of Behavioural and Movement Sciences at the VU, Amsterdam Movement Sciences, Amsterdam. Furthermore, she works as the head of Education & Research at Somt University of Physiotherapy in Amersfoort.  She has numerous publications in scientific journals with the main focus on the pelvic, pelvic girdle pain, low back pain and pelvic floor dysfunctions. She has been a keynote speaker at multiple international congresses and a lecturer at several  international universities.

Prof. Chantal Dumoulin

Chantal Dumoulin, following a bachelor degree in physiotherapy, obtained a doctorate in biomedical sciences with a specialization in rehabilitation therapy at the Université de Montréal in 2004. She then completed post-doctoral work at McGill University in addition to a post-doctoral training course in magnetic resonance imaging at Stanford University (USA) in 2007. She is currently employed as a researcher and as a full professor at the École de réadaptation, Université de Montréal with a research chair position in ‘Urogynecological Health and aging’. Her research work centres on the health of older women. Her studies focus primarily on urinary incontinence – a frequent problem confronting this population.

Dr. Hedwig Neels

Hedwig Neels is a physiotherapist with a PhD in women’s pelvic health, working at the Antwerp University (Hospital) Belgium, where she combines scientific research, teaching and clinical work. She has a special interest in 3D/4D transperineal ultrasound and a strong passion to raise awareness and improve the prevention of pelvic floor dysfunction in women. She is a committed member in several IUGA and national committees.

Gill Brook, MSc.

Gill Brook is a United Kingdom physiotherapist who has specialised in women's health since 1987. She is the immediate past president of the International Organization of Physical Therapists in Pelvic and Women’s Health, an official subgroup of World Physiotherapy. For many years Gill was a National Health Service clinician, honorary postgraduate lecturer for the University of Bradford, and a tutor for the UK professional network Pelvic Obstetric and Gynaecological Physiotherapy. From 2010-19 Gill supported the physiotherapy team at the Hamlin Addis Ababa Fistula Hospital, Ethiopia and she has a particular interest in the development of pelvic and women’s health physiotherapy services in countries where they are not yet established

Maaike Wiezer, MSc.

Maaike Wiezer is a physical therapist, specialized in pelvic health physiotherapy since 2011 with a registration in sexology (2019). She is co-owner of a physiotherapy practice in primary care Amersfoort, called ‘Fysi-Unique’. Maaike is involved in the development of the NVFB's postpartum consultation and pelvic floor check since 2013. She is the first author of a systematic review called: “Risk factors for  pelvic girdle pain and pregnancy related low back pain postpartum”, published in March 2020 in the journal ‘Musculoskeletal Science and Practice’. In addition to postpartum care, her current area of focus is pelvic physiotherapeutic care regarding sexual dysfunction and sexual trauma.

Esther van Benten, MSc.

Esther van Benten is a physiotherapist and orthopaedic manual therapist in primary care and specialized in pelvic complaints in both men and women. She also conducts PhD research into pregnancy-related pelvic pain (VU University Amsterdam, Faculty of Behavioural and Movement Sciences). This research aims to design a biopsychosocial prognostic model for the development of pelvic pain during a first pregnancy. She is also a guest lecturer on the master's degree in manual therapy at the University of applied sciences Utrecht.

Monique Hage, MSc.

Monique Hage is a physiotherapist and pelvic health physiotherapist at primary care physical therapy practice SaFyR Rilland since 1993, with a special interest in pelvic floor dysfunction in children, coccydynia and Non-Invasive Mobilization of the Os Coccyx (NIMOC).

Monique is the first author of a systematic review called: “Pregnancy- and obstetric-related risk factors for urinary incontinence, fecal incontinence, or pelvic organ prolapse later in life”, published in October 2020 in the journal ‘Acta Obstetricia et Gynecologica Scandinavica’.


08:30-09:00 - Registration and Welcome

09:00-09:10 - Welcome & Introduction by Prof. Annelies Pool-Goudzwaard

09:10-09:30 - 'Pregnancy and obstetric related risk factors on long term pelvic girdle pain' by Maaike Wiezer, MSc.

09:30-09:50 - 'Illness beliefs of pelvic girdle pain patients and health care providers on pelvic girdle pain' by Esther van Benten, MSc.

09:50-10:20 - 'Pelvic Floor ultrasound: tackling barriers towards personalized women's health care' by Dr. Hedwig Neels

10:20-10:40 - Coffee break

10:40-11:10 - 'Obestetric fistula: the role of physiotherapy' by Gill Brook, MSc.

11:10-11:30 - 'Pregancy- and obstetric-related risk factors for urinary-, fecal and double incontinence, and pelvic organ prolapse' by Monique Hage, MSc.

11:30-12:00 - 'Healthy urogenital aging? Clinical predication rule female SUI treatment?' by Prof. Chantal Dumoulin

12:00-12:30 - Official gradutation ceremony MSc. Women's Health Care Physiotherapists Switzerland.

12:30-13:00 - Lunch

Learning objectives

At the end of the symposium, you will have the last insights and knowledge from science regarding pregnancy related- pelvic girdle pain, urinary-, fecal or double incontinence, obstetric fistula’s and pelvic organ prolapse.

Competency areas

  • Pelvic physical therapy activities
  • Communicating
  • Collaborating
  • Knowledge sharing and scientific research
  • Acting in the interest of society
  • Professional conduct

Practical Information Symposium

For who: General physical therapists, (Master) Pelvic physical therapists, (Master) Manual therapists.

Date: Thursday 24 March 2022

Time: 09:00 – 12:30

Study load: The total study load of the symposium is 3 hours.

Cost: €50,-

Location: SOMT, Softwareweg 5, 3821 BN, Amersfoort

Accreditation: The application for accreditation is pending for the following registers (KNGF/Keurmerk):

  • Basis register general physical therapist
  • Pelvic physical therapist


There is a maximum of 150 participants.

Practical Information Inauguration

Time: 15:45 – 16:45

Location: VU Amsterdam, Aula (> 900 seats)

Address: Boelelaan 1105, 1081 HV Amsterdam, the Netherlands

On behalf of our speakers and Prof. Annelies Pool-Goudzwaard, we look forward to seeing you! Please sign up through the button below. 

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