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Management of adolescent non- traumatic knee pain- when to use what for whom

23 november 2022
Management of adolescent non- traumatic knee pain- when to use what for whom
Study costs: € 275,-
For who: All (Master) physiotherapists interested in adolescent non-traumatic knee pain

Course description


“The most common knee conditions in adolescents are nontraumatic, such as patellofemoral pain and Osgood–Schlatter Disease (ie, anterior knee pain). Adolescent anterior knee pain has a high propensity for chronicity, long-term impact, and potential susceptibility to future pain. It seems that nearly 50% of adolescents with knee pain may continue to experience knee pain into early adulthood. Determining the long-term outcomes and factors associated with worse outcomes may support clinicians in targeting appropriate treatments and resources.” (Holden et al., 2021)


Course aim

The course is aimed at physiotherapists who want to improve their knowledge regarding the diagnosis, prognosis and management of adolescent non-traumatic knee pain. The course will consist of lectures, workshops and practical training. The course will use clinical cases as the entry point for discussions and combine research covering both bio, psycho and social aspects of adolescent knee pain.

Course objectives

At the end of the course, students:

  • have knowledge regarding the risk factors associated with the onset of adolescent knee pain
  • have knowledge regarding the latest scientific information on the diagnosis of adolescent knee pain
  • identify the factors that are associated with a poor prognosis in adolescents that can be relevant for management
  • will have an overview of evidence-based and evidence-informed management of adolescent non-traumatic knee pain
  • understanding when to support self-management, when to use exercise therapy and when to use passive adjunct.

Modes of instruction

The course will include a mix of lectures, workgroups and practical skills training. Participants will be also asked to complete a short questionnaire at the beginning and after completion of the course to assess their increased knowledge on the topic.

Language of instruction



Prof. Michael Skovdal Rathleff, PhD.

Michael Skovdal Rathleff is Professor in Musculoskeletal Health at the Department of Health Science and Technology at Aalborg University and at the Center for General Practice at Aalborg University. He is Head of the research group “Musculoskeletal Health and Implementation” at Aalborg University. The mission of his group is to generate research and conduct implementation research on how to best support people to manage their musculoskeletal health, and stay active, throughout the life-span.


Course date

Wednesday the 23rd of November.

Course time commitment

Total course time commitment: 8 hours

-          6 contact hours

-          2 hours of self-study


This course has been awarded 8 points by the Keurmerk/KNGF for the following registers:

-          Basic register general physical therapist

-          Sport physical therapist

-          Pediatric physical therapist


SOMT University of Physiotherapy

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