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SOMT University of Physiotherapy offers top-quality physiotherapy education at both applied sciences- and university-level. Our programs are for both people new to physiotherapy and practicing physiotherapists. We train our students to become highly-skilled specialists with deep knowledige of the human musculoskeletal system. Even after your physiotherapy training, we offer the opportunity to further develop your career through our refresher courses and master classes.

Clinical Education

SOMT University of Physiotherapy is all about being able to offer patients the best care by getting the most out of yourself. Our education is structured concentrically and consists of a combination of evidence-based practice and clinical knowledge. Within our programs we encourage communication between science and clinical expertise.

Bachelor in Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation Sciences

The Bachelor in Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation Sciences is a joint undergraduate program of the Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences of Maastricht University and SOMT University of Physiotherapy in Amersfoort. This bachelor's degree in physiotherapy leads to the diploma Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation Sciences after three years of study.

Technology Track

In this unique Technology Track, within the bachelor program Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation Sciences, you will be trained to fill the gap between the physiotherapist and the engineer. You will learn everything about using and developing technology for diagnostics and treatment. In addition, you will be educated as a full-fledged physiotherapist with a scientific approach.

Graduate - Master's in Physiotherapy

In order to start working as a physiotherapist, you must first get your master's in Human Movement Sciences at Maastricht University, specializing in physiotherapy. This is a one-year graduate program which, in addition to theory and practical education, also includes a 10-week internship and a master's thesis. This master's degree in physiotherapy leads to a Master of Science in Physiotherapy, with which you van apply for a BIG registration.

Applied Sciences - Master's degrees (Dutch)

Everything you learn in a Master's degree from SOMT University of Physiotherapy can be immediately applied in your own clinical practice. As such, cases from your own practice are often included in our classes. Through clinical practice you learn from both yourself and from your patients. SOMT University of Physiotherapy simply adds knowledge and clinical expertise to your own experiences.