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Concerning integration

Incoming mobile participants are offered the same academic treatment with regard to teaching and tutoring. Since Somt university is a small university personal care and mentoring is warranted and at all times available. During a mobility period peer mentoring will take place. A mentor will be appointed to provide support, encouragement and information to the trainee on life and experience at and to provide any further explanations which might be necessary and to help solve any problems which might arise. In addition, also academic and administrative contact persons are available during the whole of the mobility period. Contact persons and addresses will be shared and posted on the website. The main contact person, the international officer will help with visa, insurances, information on accommodation etc. An official buddy-system with fellow students is not yet in place but is strived for in the future. Currently, international students are immediately picked up by local students and introduced to Somt, Amersfoort, Dutch culture and language, traffic etc, A local student network is present welcoming incoming students, the student society Locomotorius. However future memberships of the Erasmus Student Network, student unions, ESU, AEGEE, AIESEC, as well as other relevant networks operating in different national contexts, is a goal.

Rights and responsibilities are stated in the Course catalogue, the study guide and the Education an Examination Regulations posted on the website, according to the Erasmus Student Charter. Explanation of rights and responsibilities will take place during the introduction week together with the local regular students During this week information is shared on course timetables, student attendance, coursework, relationship with academic staff, student participation and follow-up of on-line activities in the case of blended mobility, Moodle, Eduroam, Library access etc. This is a good way to provide incoming students with necessary information on practical / administrative arrangements while allowing them to meet local and other mobile students. If incoming students join the program for a course during a semester the international officer will explain and inform the international students together with local students. In the case of incoming mobility from non-associated third countries, Somt University will provide students with their grant as soon as possible upon their arrival. During courses the international students will work closely with local students in working groups. Currently the number of incoming students is too small to organize (according to the Erasmus Student Charter) an induction week, solely for mobile students.

Social integration is strived for. All incoming mobile participants are made to feel part of Somt community by integrating them fully into its academic / work and social activities and by not segregating them. E.g. students apartments will be used by local as well as international students, the social program is followed by local as international students as well. Students are invited to join the local sport clubs., music or theatre groups, etc. Somt University encourages mobile students to initiate and organise their own social events.

Evaluation guarding quality

Somt University will evaluate the learning objectives and outcomes for the incoming trainee and offer support in achieving them during the traineeship or staff training period, as well as support in settling what would be the best fit for the learning goals if outside of Somt university (as in trainee ships in hospitals, physiotherapy clinics and rehabilitation centres). This will be evaluated during and after the mobility period. Likewise, when sending students and/ or staff Somt university will ensure that clear learning objectives are set and follow-up with the student or staff member, supporting them if any issues appear during their mobility period.

Prevention / guidance in case of risks

Somt university being based in the Netherlands is located in a medium/ large city within safe surroundings. Possible potential safety risks are traffic accidents, training accidents and theft. Somt University will offer guidance on how to prevent them, as well as what to do in case of emergency. Somt will offer information on health, accident and theft insurance schemes and strongly encourage students to sign up for them. No institutional strategy on safety and prevention on exchange is developed , yet as in the Guidelines for Coimbra Group universities on safety protocols for mobility, but is planned for the future.


Somt university encourages students to be active participants during their exchange by volunteering and engaging with their host community. Students and staff are invited to give workgroup session and information session on their experience. E.g. Courses giving by Somt University students on clinical reasoning in Tanzania for fellow students.

This experience will make each Erasmus student an ambassador of the programme and its message, multiplying the results of the investment in each participant and supporting the creation of a society of active citizens.


Somt University fully understands the needs of the mobile students to provide adequate language support in the local language. This support should be tailored to differences in mobile participants and is offered online. Intensive courses can be arranged with our partnering University of Maastricht. Currently mobile students are learning the local language easiest, by working in working groups with the local students and meeting them in a social program at sport clubs, bars etc. in Amersfoort.

For outgoing students Somt University feels responsible to prepare them linguistically properly as well. Online courses are recommended e.g. crash course Swahili for Tanzania. Also, the European Commission will provide language assessment and support under the new Programme. The mobile participants are encouraged to make use of this tool in order to learn other languages that are relevant to them if they wish to do so. In the future this might be the case for Finland.

If you have interest in studying at Somt University of Physiotherapy, please contact our international officer: e.barnhoorn@somtuniversity.nl