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Interested in a University bachelor of science study for international students?
SOMT is a top rated University of Physiotherapy in Amersfoort, the Netherlands.

Are you interested in the human body, in movement and helping people to strive for better health? Do you want to study on a small-scale university that offers an optimal mix between practice and theory with and scientific based approach?

We offer a challenging bachelor program for international students with excellent facilities, top teachers and clinicians, and a lot of personal attention. Our program is a unique mix between science and practice. Besides practical education, you will learn to make argued clinical decisions, be challenged to understand underlying mechanisms, and you will learn to perform and judge scientific research yourself.

After our 3-year bachelor of science program at SOMT University in Amersfoort, you can apply for a 1-year master of science program at Maastricht University, to graduate as an independent working physiotherapist or to follow the Master program Human Movement Sciences a Master in Medicine start a scientific career.

Overview undergraduate program

The 3-year Physiotherapy BSc has a study load of 180 ECTS (European Credit Transfer System), 60 ECTS for each year. The program consists of twelve blocks that contain various modules and courses. Each module has a central theme as the musculoskeletal system, neurology, cardio-respiratory system, exercise physiology, pain. Courses are coupled to learning lines, e.g. clinical skills, functional anatomy, clinical rotations, academical skills, epidemiology & statistics, law & ethics.

Besides lectures, most learning activities are organized in small groups in the form of practicals and workgroups which are problem based and case centered. The learning activities build up in complexity and stimulate autonomous and continuous learning. There is a mixture of contact education and self-study, resulting in approximately three days university contact and two days self-training and self-study a week. Clinical rotations start in the first year and builds up to individual full-time rotations in the last year. The final examination consists of the full-time rotations and a bachelor thesis.
Courses and modules credits are obtained through a range of individual and group assessment methods. These includes written examinations, multiple choice questions, essays, video assessments, case studies, practical and clinical examinations.

Entry level

For Dutch students

VWO diploma with Biology and a recommendation for Mathematics-A
For registration the online application form can be filled in.

For foreign students

Qualifications admissible to a degree course at a university in your own country with a strong biology component and equivalent to the Dutch VWO diploma. (NLQF* 4+/EQF** 4), a International Baccalaureate, 27 points with three subjects at higher level or a European Baccalaureate with a mark of 75%.

English language at B2 level or above is required. A language test should be provided (IELTS).

Foreign students are invited to download the application form on the website fill it in and send this to infobachelor@somtuniversity.nl accompanied by the report of the English Language test.

Extracurricular program

For motivated students there are extracurricular honors and health-science programs in collaboration with other universities. There are honors themes for e.g. sports, teaching, anatomy. Extracurricular health-science modules are possible in medical genetics, the immune system, embryology, metabolism.

Graduate program

After the undergraduate program, you can apply for a 1-year master of science program (MSc) at Maastricht University (Human Movement Sciences, outflow direction Physiotherapy), to graduate as an independent working physiotherapist or to start a scientific career, for example a PhD program.

Careers in Physiotherapy

Musculoskeletal health care is becoming more complex through the influence of aging and multiple combined health problems. This requires a high level of expertise for which a university educated physiotherapists is eminently suited.

Physiotherapy graduates at University level will find roles at:

  • Private practices
  • Hospitals
  • Health networks
  • Researchers
  • PhD-programs
  • Supervisors
  • Teaching


  • EU: 14.000 Euro/year
  • Non-EU: 14.000 Euro/year


SOMT University of Physiotherapy campus Amersfoort, the Netherlands.
Several practicals can be at other universities, as UMC Utrecht, Maastricht University, Free University of Brussels (Belgium).