Hank Hallegraeff - Researcher @ SOMT University of Physiotherapy

Hank Hallegraeff


  • Low back pain, psychological factors, cognitive factors, manual therapy, nocturnal leg cramps

Dr. J.M. Hallegraeff

Dr. J.M. Hallegraeff is responsible for the Lifelong Learning program, which focuses on in-service schooling and training at SOMT University of Physiotherapy.

Non-specific low back pain and the associated factors that have a negative influence on a patient’s trajectory, is a topic that captures Hank’s attention. Even now additional research is still necessary, and new data is continuously being generated. Additionally, solidifying the role of psycho-social and cognitive factors in low back pain is an important aspect of his scientific interest.

He is furthermore interested in diagnostic and therapeutic research into nocturnal cramps as a relatively unknown non-specific musculoskeletal condition.


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