Martijn Stenneberg - Researcher | PhD candidate @ SOMT University of Physiotherapy

Martijn Stenneberg

Researcher | PhD candidate

  • Manuele Therapie, Cervicale wervelkolom, Nek, Whiplash-Associated Disorders

M.S. Stenneberg MSc

Martijn Stenneberg is coordinator of the Manual Therapy program. His research focuses on neck pain.

Aspecific neck pain is a common health issue in our population, and an important cause of limitations to our daily work and life. In general, 30-50% of adults experiences neck pain in a certain year of their life. A trauma-based origin of neck complaints (WAD) seems to cause more severe complaints and a worse rehabilitation trajectory. Many studies and guidelines make a distinction between WAD patients and those with non-traumatic complaints. However, it is unclear to which extent the clinical differences between both groups can justify this distinction, especially from the perspective of the International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health (ICF). In order to develop effective diagnostic and therapeutic strategies in the future, it is first of all essential to develop diagnostically valid methods to gain insight in (the differences in) the clinical aspects of these patient groups. 


Peer reviewed publicaties

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