Roel Wingbermühle - Researcher | PhD candidate @ SOMT University of Physiotherapy

Roel Wingbermühle

Researcher | PhD candidate

  • Manual Therapy

R. Wingbermühle MSc

Roel Wingbermühle researches predictive models that map the rehabilitation process of patients with neck pain – in collaboration with the Erasmus MC Department of General Practice and SOMT University of Physiotherapy. A systematic review shows that many prognostic models for neck rehabilitation seem to already have been published, but the majority is unqualified for clinical use due to essential methodological shortcomings and a lack of validation. With help from the ANIMO study SOMT University of Physiotherapy conducted a few years ago, Roel is developing prognostic models for neck pain rehabilitation in a big cohort, through manual therapy treatment.

Key words

Neck pain, prognosis, prognostic models, clinical prediction models


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Wingbermühle RW, van Trijffel E, Nelissen PM, Koes B, Verhagen, AP. Weinig veelbelovende prognostische modellen bij aspecifiek nekpijn. Fysiopraxis 2019;28, 44-45